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back from the dead

2009-05-04 22:56:43 by fallout-survivor

work has resumed on my project. It should be done this summer.

back from the dead


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2009-08-25 15:26:37

You got potential, interesting camera views and all, i'll be looking forward to your next flash.

/ SimMa

fallout-survivor responds:

Thanks! I appreciate the support!


2009-08-25 17:41:38

your submision really came through, good job.

fallout-survivor responds:



2009-08-25 17:53:11

Awesome animation! And the people you had for the voice acting was very good! Please keep doing animation fbf! It's the best way for animation to look it's best. It's just a personal opinion, but I believe that fbf animation shows how hard the animators worked for their masterpiece! Please keep up the good work. Oh, and make a prequel to this one 'cuz I have no idfea what's going on! lol!

fallout-survivor responds:

I always liked the way FBF animation "wiggles" myself. Ha ha, and thanks about the voice acting compliment.


2009-09-01 20:55:31

This was an awesome flash, but when I try to watch it a second time only a red mask comes up.