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Entry #3

project in the werks...

2009-09-03 20:13:53 by fallout-survivor

I'm working on my next flash. Hopefully, it will be done before Christmas, but I'm not holding my breath. It will most likely be done next summer, when I'm done with this school year.

It's at 24 fps and the whole thing will be to a NIN song (what song, I'm not saying yet), with no real spoken dialogue between characters. Something a lot of people will be comforted to hear is that it will have a more coherent plot than my last flash, but will still be very much surreal. It's about school, or at least as I've perceived and experienced it. I doubt many people will like it, as it won't be a "regular" type of animation on Newgrounds, but for the few who like surreal art and NIN, it should be acceptable enough.

Enclosed is a picture of the "homeroom" teacher.


project in the werks...


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2009-09-03 20:34:23

my brutha wuz eaten by wulves too